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While it may sound obvious enough, many a small business jumps head first in the social media game without knowing its rules, or have a clear understanding of their own needs and goals. Which is why we urge you to do a little bit of prep work before anything else.

Choose Your Social Media Goals

Identifying and prioritizing your business objectives on social media is a sure way to get you rolling in the right direction. We’re assuming you do have some broad business goals in place that you can match to your social media strategy.

Start by checking items among the following list of some common goals you may set for yourself, and classify them by order of importance:

  1. Promote your brand

  2. Boost your online traffic

  3. Develop your brand image

  4. Increase your sales

  5. Improve your customer service

  6. Grow your customer base

  7. Engage and Retain your Audience

Keep Goals Simple and Actionable

If you want to keep things simple, you can stick to small business owners’ most usual social media goals, such as raising brand awareness, increase revenue generation, improving customer engagement and experience, or develop thought leadership.

Of course you can build your own broader goals, but the more precise you’ll be, the more will your efforts pay off as you stayed focused on your self-appointed mission. This all really depends on what matters most to you and your business, but you can always take a hint at what others do:

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Match goals with business objectives

There are many straightforward ways to help you define social goals, such as the well-known SMART strategy, as applied to social media.

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In any event, you can simply set your goals by asking yourself the right questions. Is my website underperforming? Do I need better customer service channels? What product is the most sought after by my customers? Should I have better returns on advertising investments?

Regardless of what problem you face or what goal to achieve, rest assured there is a social media strategy to match your objectives so long as you state them outright.

Social Media Goals Key Take-Aways

  • At this point you may choose to focus on just one or two main objectives such as promoting your brand and build online traffic from scratch.
  • The paramount factor here is to set your mind on achievable goals that will shape how, where and when you will deploy your main social marketing efforts.

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