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Before social networks like Facebook or Twitter gobbled up a lion’s share of internet activity, only a handful of web marketers had the faintest idea what “social media” meant.

These days, you will hardly find anyone remotely connected to online marketing arguing against the importance of social media to promote your brand, grow your internet audience and drive leads to your business. However, grasping this new reality does not mean that you can take advantage of it without a bit of thinking and preparation.

This is especially true for small businesses, who struggle to establish their brand on social media with limited means and budget, often scratch their head about the best course of action, and may even end up discouraged when facing a number of hurdles on their way to online social success.

Social Media Strategy: from actionable goals to verifiable results

At Insight Marketing, we’ve seen small businesses fail over and again as they climb the steep hill to social accomplishment, which is why we’ll give you today a few keys and a simple-to-follow, step-by-step social media strategy that will keep you off the everlasting procrastination trap.

  1. Set your social media goals

  2. Segment and target your audience

  3. Segment your social channels

  4. Streamline your brand image on social media

  5. Get cranking on content

  6. Track & analyze social metrics

  7. Step up your efforts with social automation





Set your social media goals



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social media strateg small business 7 easy steps free download

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