your end-to-end mailing solution

Keep your mailing lists at top shape and understand your customers at a deeper level with Insight Marketing's customized direct mailing software. With list segmentation, per-list performance reports, list hygiene solutions and more, we'll keep your costs low and your ROI high.

Generate more leads

Are you sending your mailings blind? Increase your ROI through in-depth targeting with Insight Marketing's Direct Mailing software. With our lists, you can make sure you're minimizing cost and improving your business' image by mailing just prospective customers. Select by demographic, purchase history and more, and rest assured your mailings will be relevant and effective.

Keep your lists lean

Innacurate lists are the number one controllable cost in direct marketing. When your company is sending multiple pieces of mail to a single address, that not only increases your cost, it doesn't do anything for your ROI. Keep your mailing lists free of duplicates with Insight Marketing's advanced de-duplication software.

Reach your customers anywhere

With Insight Marketing's Direct Mailing software, you get efficient global reach out of the box. By working with our worldwide partners in printing and distribution, we can ensure your mailings are delivered quickly and at reduced cost. It doesn't matter if your customers are in North America, Europe or Asia, we will be in their neighborhood.

performance report

Per-list performance indicators made simple.

address deduplication

Our software can match even non-obvious duplicates.

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